Two Movements Combined in One

A fashion movement has different stages. These stages are usually in order of rise, peak, decline, and finally, fall. Fashion movement has been described as a work of art or culture that is constantly regenerating itself and influencing many other aspects of our social lives.

Social movement, on the other hand, appears has totally unrelated concept, but when we think about it, a connection exists. It involves deliberate actions of an individual or a group of people to seek change, to influence, or to advance a cause that matters to them. It’s equally dynamic; moving from one social experience to another and employing various forms and tools. It can be quite personal such as a personal transformative stage that an individual has to go through either in search of truth, or the need to feel accomplished, secure and strengthened. Social movement can also be a serious public matter (and it’s usually is). We’ve seen in history how several phases of social movements have been the vehicles that helped mobilize change.

While our ideologies may be fundamentally different, anyone or any group seeking to make the “world a better place” is invariably employing or evoking the efficacy of social movements. Whether you run nonstop from the South end to the East end of your city; you refuse to eat or drink for days; won’t take shower or change clothing for months; won’t sleep on bed for several night; and/or doing a street match with placards in your hands, the point is, you are saying something, and you’d like to be heard.

At  AfroGist Media  Store, we recognize the area of intercept between both ends of fashion and social movements, with the most undeniable underlining connector  which is your right to freedom. Our designs help you make statements and empower you to freely express how you are feeling. With us you can make those statements that strengthen  you and others. Take I’m From This Hole for example,  you’ll see that you don’t have to travel to Pennsylvania Avenue to issue your response.  You can simply give it to the Bully in Chief  on a casual evening with this tee. Remember, the statements you make or don’t make, as well as the ones others make about you, all boil down to one point:  how it makes you feel.

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